domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009

bloody marvelous tv series i happened to rate this week at filmaffinity

(and yeah, i'm sorry about the gilmore girls saddoes)

domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009

and now for the domestic macguffin

sunrise on lake pontchartrain/ curious case of bb/ desplat

a very soppy movie.
revolutionary road/ thomas newman

a very funny movie. like desplechin. and it rings true.
a mcguffin is when you say one thing when you mean another.
but feist looks like ana karina here in i feel it all:

i've had a string of pretty amazing weeks that consisted in just watching movies. friday night, when i ate this one, was remarkable, with its arty/potboiler combo, eastwood and streep seem to be singing... sid vicious. i watched it years ago in the tcm years and, no, i don't identify with streep but with, as ever, eastwood. that would be the last thing i need, i'd be wearing prada... or... identifying with costner! or let's just say i identify with all, yet none in particular.

leaving communal movies for a second, i swear, i turned the tv on and i nearly puked. so this is what the majorities watch!
i'll be rememorating the rohmer cycle in no time. a life with no art.. is no life at all.
ajá! so life is only art!
if i may take a cheesy line.
(death by dialogue)

and then i couldn't find the herpes scene in last days of disco:

i've always found those hormone baths incredibly needy. and those restaurants of such... poverty.
filmaffinity's jirimenzel is far superior.
what i mean to say is paul ricoeur can go fuck himself!

domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

i forgot street legal is bob dylan's best album!

and those bootlegs from 78, not the budokan official one, are memorable, with all those saxophones. But this is Sisters and Jess:

and now for some appaloosa: