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domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

pat's cowpat in sherman's march

'i must add i've always had sex in quite the naughty places,
with sniffy snotty poodles lying amongst them bushes,
and oddly in fluff, it's quite the splagunger,
to find me in tights, with noting to callumber.'
fluffy in athens

ross mcelwee does quite the femina-marxian gig here in this pre-youtube splagunger from the 80s. quite the mumbling pile of crap it is, this clip does not include pat's 'exercises' which were ????!!!, and quite like that other complete masterpiece known as 'a complete history of my sexual failures', it's three hours of pava problematizing, what to do with pussy when the muff, or to put it in non metaphoric callumbers, wonder whether anyone hears a twig fall in the woods, or what ecology has coined as the amazon forest problem. it's good shit cuz it's three hours of oh my god.