domingo, 29 de marzo de 2009

manhattan ending

1.its crap cuz he's a pervert.
2.its great cuz you're a pervert.
3.its kinda puny, with pathos, and what's it doing here?
4.its another movie
5.we dont watch his movies for this
6.i prefer the argument in husbands and wives
7.its gershwin, ffs, we do this in youtube all the time these days!
8.its not normal only saying its not normal to oneup woody.
10.its billy wilder, ffs!
11.its solipsistic
12.its good cuz its maniquean.
13.its even better cuz its post-christian.
14.i wouldnt like pathos amidst george carlin stand up the world getting worse (the big bang theory) the world getting better (the it crowd)
17.does he really need the sex?
18.its lazy
19.its crap, cuz its not albert brooks
20.its crap cuz its not weeds.
21.what on earth is a 'tracy's face'?
22.has no rhetoric, like warhol
23.its sure does, it even look like 'how i met your mother'
24.its crap cuz he never means what he says
25.its crap cuz he always means what he says stupid cuz i dont waste money on women deadwood times, who was woody allen?
28.the good thing about being a jew is you spend 30 years running from it
29.its really like an orgasm, movies i mean, cuz no wait, no downhill
30.movies are stupid cuz they're not essays
31.movies are lazy (and so she combs her hairs)
32.manhattan's crappy cuz its dopy
33.manhattan's bad cuz ive watched 4000 better movies
34.its vicky cristina barcelona, ffs.
35.filming women, filmar a las pavas, has always been the imperative
36.not a nouvelle vaguish thing the diane keaton nocturnal skit is not a skit
38.if it is, its probably similar to if it is if it is not.
39.what i mean is it happened all the time was a technical skip! not a symbolic one!
41.theres no such thing as evolutionary biology, apart from creationism.
42.its a bit like 30 rock.
43.i prefer sports
44.i prefer reproduction.
45.i prefer indian morality
46.its crap cuz its not a sofa
47.its good cuz it didnt cost money
48.its probably neither
50.lauren bacall is neither bogarty nor der blaue reiter points are going to get really really crappy
52.its not even good.
53.i dont even admire it, im just referring to irony and such
54.well, i do.
55.well, if ive watched it, its me. women, filmar las pavas, much better than real girls
57.its like comparing baked to raw lasagna.
58.its crap cuz its not corporate something.
59.ive listened to and written better stand up
60.and my golden era was when? pregnant friend cleans her front door at 3am
62.logical evolution of this is hannah and her sisters
63.its just the music, the plot is poor. its in on the international pregnancy rate maintenance conspiracy my prevalent interest for random objects, my mind wanders.
66.its just doesnt fit, its clear he's just an interiors whinebag,
67.which is why it's all game here.
68.course, there are the books to write, and get published.
69.what babes fall for his shit?
70.the ones who do, they worth it?
71.they fall for it cuz he has money, right?
72.whats the next step, harvey milk?
73.and on the other spectrum, greatness such as zohan? our free time, we doodle and poodle, but close like this?
75.and what about the opening of manhattan?
76.cuz it must be about 10 years since ive seen the stuff between.
77.well i guess his teaching is his being self indulgent can be self indulgent
80.ok, ive totally run out of ideas im gonna skim throu the divx, meryl streep as the lesbian!
83.writing a book about her ex!
84.i guess mighty aphrodite is much seedier than this!
85.course you wouldnt believe the amount of puritans around and about! hes a bit like lenny bruce then
87.with that typically masochistic judeo-christian touch.
88.usually find movies are either extreme capitalist or extreme socialist
89.see what happens to keaton when you do a sequel to annie hall? movies arent monogamous, right
91.except they clearly are, cuz you cant stand photos with keaton in the planetarium doesnt look too good.
93.thou i think its in the museum in the moon feature say we're at our most brilliant between 20-40
95.before the needy and kids part, shrodinger's cat doesnt even apply
96.and his wc fields thing kinda fails
97.and whats the thing with squash? doesnt even ring true
99.and its clearly before the videogame era.
100.its horny, that's what it is

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