sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009

this week's gems

secret honor (nixon! fuck em!!)

the go-getter (m ward plus band apart rippy!)

la drolesse (11 yr old girl with the hots for a 20 yr old slacker weirdo)

bigger stronger faster (better (research) than michael moore; just as sad as it's funny, and the guy winds up voting for arnie)

radioactive dreams (great soundtrack and great shitty hilarious stuff going on from philip and marlowe)

the wanderers (just as slippery a look back at the early 60s from the late 70s, in the bronx, with strip poker too)

la notte di san lorenzo (good kid and battle scenes)

summer lovers (great soundtrack, the island, jerking off to right wing darryl hannah sexuality.. from the maker of blue lagoon and grease, and i really mean it.. and its gotta be the precursor to vicky cristina barcelona)

la vieille maitresse (chapter one hundred and whatever on how asia argento is such a good fuck)

pump up the volume (slater and cohen do the lenny bruce 10 years before napster and 20 after... joplin?)

honeysuckle rose (willie nelson and amy irving singing you show me yours; not even the dolly parton thingie dyan cannon spoils the show.. WOW!)

company man (some stuff works, some not, most does, weaver as wife, mr x vs the grammar, in any case my week's guilty pleasure)

the baader meinhof complex (it's good, kinda didactic like the che pics, but kinda just plain unhappy)

l'esquive, votre bouche avec la mienne (some bad ass femmes fast talk, not as grand statementish as some wanted, and just as bitty as i did)

dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge (music, and more, more music)

a couple of games from last week:
barça bitchslapping the madrileñan 'casta'

barça getting bitchslapped by russian tactics

and this week:
barça bitchslapping athletic (and the rey thinking he's a poshy little shit from morocco or china)

movies not on youtube:
saint jack. bogdanovich picks up cassavetes gazzara, adds bogdanovich humour, singapour, faded out british imperialists to the mix, and gazzara the singapour junkie who doesnt return to the states even when he can, yet right next to ideologies, when all that's left is business)

heat and dust
ivory picks up julie christie, highly sexy, or fuckable in the pic, unlike in the messy david lean ones. and how could i not like christie in india? loved it, but not as much as quartet.

dyn amo
dwoskin makes a horror movie out of sexuality by making it a circus. rather harrowing, or sexy.

a stunning week by any standards, just stunning. these are only the good movies i've seen.

head and shoulders above the rest, dilwale.

greats, tops any other week:
the wanderers
honeysuckle rose
summer lovers

grand movies:
saint jack
la drolesse
dyn amo
barna bitchslapping mandril

good to great pics:
secret honor
heat and dust
radioactive dreams
la vieille maitresse

good and good ones:
pump up the volume
bigger stronger faster
the go getter

good munches:
la notte di san lorenzo
baader meinhof complex
company man
barna getting bitchslapped by chelseas
barna's bitchslapping of athletic

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