sábado, 27 de junio de 2009

this week's gems 9

pennies from heaven (bloody fucking hell, if i was a woman i'd be wanking off to this)

pocket money (marvin, newman and carole king!?)

the thin blue line (it's funny, overall!)

china blue (the pilot and the first season are as good as contemporary amc, hbo stuff)

knowing (loved it)

columbo (the pilot episode, prescription: murder)

the yakuza papers (all five volumes, baby, fucking and violence of our parents generation, 9 hours of the strong telling the weak what da words mean)

sunshine cleaning (amy!)

phoebe in wonderland (very good thingie bout a kid)

ice cold in alex (good old carlsberg unlike mariconadas like english patient)

dead set (very bloody frightening indeed)

runner up:
mountains of the moon

dead set, pennies from heaven and knowing

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