sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009


¿où? ¿et?
in our fourth week of dorouetisms, we confront the prospect of a fifth week of dorouetisms. for some very unfathomable reason we is now a member of flash glam trash website and very happy with it too... for understandable reasons... so we have that and studio 60 on the sunset strip's amanda peet joining a dorouetism that has no prospect of improving.

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Tom Sutpen dijo...

You watch entirely too much television.

oops dijo...

i dont think its tv i watch too much of, but mebbe internet. its quite clear i need to go out more, but know few in the city, but it blows my mind how ppl maintain their blogs. its one thing i dont have anything to say, and damn proud of that, perhaps out of practice perhaps not, but how could i ever be interested in informing the masses beats me. i set this one up for comic reasons to make fun of fipresci thuggery etc and i really got a kick out of it then but my obsession with symmetry keeps me having to return every week... added to my obsession with being polite and responding whenever asponded to...
and the dorouetisms will remain... if there's some kind of bot i could program you know about i'd love it.
it's also one of those weird neither diary nor blog eery little places which i cant do much with, since im not gonna link up with blogs like the charming miss campaspe and ms morgan- oh you intellectual- cuz i wouldnt read them anyways
dorouet isnt tv, its a very charming little pic that has a kind of cosmic peace and wonder about it and i thought it a good way to automatise this blog, not too bad given ive gone down a sense of cosmic calm to all things which has made me too passive inflammatory writ style.. something a who knows if horny friend of mine made me realise.. i need to be saying things like im sponge worthy far more often (seinfeld)... otherwise i look at em as if im out of the vietnam war (china beach) cuz they'll prolly take me down to the vietnamesque flatlands in new jersey and make me feel like moses (broadway danny rose).
yeah, too much tv.

salut plod! jlmmc