sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009

this week's buffet

streets of fire.. what walter hill tried here with the 80s, what a surprise.. scorcese for one is someone who's tried this all his life and never done it

and diane lane who, try me, aged badly.. how her voice falls and raises in the first song and words in the second.. in the first the dress is.. a rag.. and in the second there's the hair...

twilight samurai--- a samurai in the proverbial kitchen sink, if only the morons at the o.c. watched these pics

twentynine palms- proverbial death and fucking

fearless freaks: the flaming lips-- ahh memories!

filth and wisdom/ madonna and bordello, fascinating

crush-- female solipsism brings us a remarkable andie macdowell surrounded by aging mischa bartons.. bogart, give us a fag.. and crap moments in a script, like the must i sit throu the lesbian seduces sequence, but she shags her cunt out, thou the guy dies, and so does for british bores what sex and the city for the ny crowd, believe me

cigarette burn---------- sort of like cronenberg's existenz, only religulous. cronenberg's existenz, like spider, is too erotic to allow this to be anywhere near as good

door in the floor; the best moments are when we fade away, see, oh and the music with the jerking off!

assasination of a high school prez- like brick but entertaining

metal a headbanger's journey-- lololollolololllololol

linda linda linda.. you go girl!

grande pons, casi tanto como ulloa, bebe de mi polla/ cayetana, guarra manchega

crank 2, yeah whatever

and these are only the decent pics from this week..

streets of fire, door in the floor, followed by twilight samurai, linda linda linda and fearless freaks
the rest not a pest, but not the best, ho ho ho

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