domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2008

SPYCATCHER, by Peter Wright.

All I'm going to say is I read this one this week. At last I had my hands on some non-fiction... alas.

Look, it might be a pack of lies, or absolute truth. Was Hollis a spy? Et bloody cetera.

How long would I have lasted in a place where lies mattered?

It's certainly an amusing ride.


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Tom Sutpen dijo...

'Spycatcher' makes an interesting case against Roger Hollis, but it's a little like theories on the Black Dahlia or Zodiac snuffs (or what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa). We're never going to know for certain.

That said, Paul Greengrass is a better director than he is a writer . . . but that ain't saying a lot.

oops dijo...

I was particularly surprised by how he was dismissed as innocent by Wright's successor. There was quite the lack of explanation from that point of view; all he says is something about Thatcher and 350 pages of conspiracies, in extremely small print, disappear.
Salut, Tom, you old twirp!